Statement On The Pay-To-Play Endorsement Scheme By The Leaders Of The NorthWest Bronx Democrats

Any Democratic Club That Endorses A Republican In The Bronx Is un-Democratic


October 17, 2020

Let me begin by saying that I am a Proud Democrat. As the elected District Leader of the 80th Assembly District, I am honored that almost 5000 residents have entrusted me in representing them. Working together with Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, I will always put the interests of the constituents of the district first.

Some of you may have seen a recent post which has since been taken down alleging bullying, my disappointment in not getting an endorsement from the Facebook group the NorthWest Bronx Democrats, a potential “coup” discussion by the sitting Assembly member, and “old guard” behavior.

Let me start by stating that I abhor bullying. I was bullied as a kid. My daughters were bullied in school and it is not cool. Right now, I am being bullied by some members of the NorthWest Bronx Democrats, for not going along with a pay-to-play scheme. Additionally, the Norwood News is now having its reporting integrity questioned because they’re all of a sudden “going on phone calls received”, and not research and fact as they always do. The inference that I would have influence over the reporting structure of a local newspaper is flattering, but has absolutely no basis in truth, and is absolutely ridiculous.

Now, when it comes to my supposed “disappointment” regarding this endorsement, the truth is I declined Mr. Rivieccio and his group’s endorsement because I refused to “pay-to-play.” So how can I be disqualified for an endorsement that I declined? I have the proposals which I will upload into the comments so you can see for yourselves how this group is monetizing their community relationships for self gain. lets keep it 100, anybody that knows me knows I am not

down with that “old guard” nonsense. As a matter of fact, I ran against them this June and won my District Leader seat. I had 6 sitting elected officials, including the former chair of the Bronx Democratic County and the current Borough president opposing me. Does that sound like an “old guard” kind-of guy to you? The Bronx is an overwhelming democratic county and we, the 80th assembly district, are an overwhelmingly democratic district and we will always vote democrat. Any Democratic group that endorses a Republican in a majority Democratic district against a sitting Democratic assembly member is NOT a real Democratic club.

It would appear to me, based on my own experience, that to secure an endorsement from this group, one has to first enter into a business agreement. It begs the question of what arrangements may have led to this organization’s endorsement of other candidates in this race. Have any contractual business agreements been executed to secure these endorsements? Have Anthony Rivieccio, Bob Press, and Sheila Sanchez been retained as consultants on these campaigns that this group has endorsed? It really makes you wonder. One could presume that this club’s endorsement process is filled with potential conflicts of interest. I look forward to reviewing the CFB filings for January 15, 2021. I will always stand for my district and my community because it is what they overwhelmingly elected me to do. #ForMyDistrict