Housing is not just a basic right, it’s a human right. With the current pandemic, a looming eviction crisis, and residents that pay more than their fair share in rent, it is imperative we come up with equitable solutions to provide real affordable housing that keep families healthy, safe, and most importantly, together. Sierra will work with colleagues in the council and continue to support initiatives like the Basement Apartment Project (Accessory Dwelling Units).  This program is designed to help provide additional income to struggling homeowners by allowing them to rent their unused basement. It can also serve as a pressure release valve to families with children stuck in our overburdened homeless shelter system. 

To provide real affordable housing, we must equip NYCHA with the necessary funding for it to be proactive in the identification of available public land that would be suitable for development and creation of new affordable public housing. NYCHA should also utilize zoning changes and the ability to build public and private partnerships that will help to facilitate the creation of community based business corridors.