Economic Development

Economic development starts at the community level.  Our small businesses are the grease that keeps our economic engine running. With well over 200,000 small businesses in our city, we need to provide  stronger protections for commercial tenants. Local law/Intro 1932 is a good step, but bringing a ‚Äústabilization component‚ÄĚ to commercial rents will go further in helping to lower operating costs for small business owners..

Entrepreneurship, another economic driver, needs more access to programs that build equity in their community. Back-to-work organizations can partner with entrepreneurial, skill and community building organizations, to create income generating opportunities such as business incubators in communities throughout the Bronx. 

With the cost of childcare in the City averaging about $1500 a month on the low end, and the rate of unemployment in the Bronx reaching almost 25%, Universal Childcare is another viable way to help stimulate the economy by ensuring parents have the peace of mind regarding the safety and wellbeing of their children, while getting back to work.  As a parent, Sierra understands the importance of fighting to ensure resources are provided to working parents.